Patricia Ashley, Chairman & CEO

Patricia is CEO of A&H Lithoprint, Inc and has been with the company from the beginning. An experienced administrator for many years, Pat is the heart of the company and continues to make the financial decisions that have contributed to consistent growth and technical advancements.

As a leader in the women-owned business community, Patricia has been active in working to make A&H a "go-to" company in the realm of diversity suppliers and partners among some of the largest corporations and governmental agencies.

Clients and staff know Pat as the "steadying force" that has lead A&H to its secure place in a competitive environment. She continues to set the pace of success that the company has seen over its 60 years.

David Ashley, President

An experienced manager of 25 years, David has expanded the business from a commercial printing group to be a supplier of quality marketing communication products and services including color digital print and wide format digital and display.

As President of A&H Lithoprint, Inc David is responsible for all production divisions of the company, new technology and processes.

Always exploring and searching out new ways to provide clients with cutting-edge technologies, David understands the new paradigm happening in the business of client communications.

Clients know David as a trusted advisor and can depend on him and his team to produce quality projects. His vision has set the benchmark by which the industry has evolved to.

Jennifer Ashley, Vice President

Jennifer is a "creative graphic designer personified" by way of background and uses those talents in working with her clients.

She has trained a dynamic team of creative and production staff to better serve clients' marketing objectives. In addition, Jennifer helps clients achieve their business goals through the personalization of print campaigns using variable data printing.

Seen by her clients as an educator and mentor, Jennifer has defined A&H as a trusted and tried-and-true provider of marketing and print services always ready to meet any challenge.