Pressroom & Finishing Services

Ink Selections

Special inks can be used for projects depending on paper selections, special color effects, and for special handling. Try fluorescent inks for your next uncoated project and see the difference for yourself. Consult with our Graphic Consultants for the optimum ink formulations for your projects.

Finishing and Bindery

At A&H Lithoprint, your project is not complete without special finishing techniques. Working with our Graphic Consultants prior to project strategy finalization will help save time and money when it comes to binding and special finishing techniques. There are literally, thousands of ways to be creative with your printed materials and many of these would be in the finishing portion of the project. Let us help you choose the right combination of finishing techniques to fit the look you want to accomplish and to stay within budget.

Our in-house bindery department has all the options for assembling your project including die-cutting, trimming, perforating, folding, scoring, gluing, drilling, padding, saddlestitching, perfect binding, laminating, and u.v. coating.