Strategic Services

Mailing Services

Direct marketing and advertising budgets need to be sharpened and targeted for the highest possible ROI. Your project would not be complete without data management services. A&H Lithoprint provides customized mapping and list procurement services. Data management is crucial when you need to optimize your mailing budgets. Let us help you get the most from your current lists and achieve maximum success with additional list procurement.

Data Processing

A&H Lithoprint will maintain your current mailing lists and update them as directed by you. We provide data cleansing, and NCOA services.

Document Programming

Personalization, inkjetting, lasering, labeling are services provided by A&H for your mailing needs.

Postal Optimization

Postal requirements have become stricter and are constantly changing with regard to size, dimensions, weights, packaging materials, addressing, and printing. This is why A&H Lithoprint can help complete your project preparation by reviewing the necessary postal standards and optimizing your postal options for all your projects.

Fulfillment & Warehouse Services

Coordination of scheduling between the printing, finishing, and fulfillment stages of your projects is a valuable service offered by A&H as your full-service marketing partner. A&H provides fulfillment and warehouse services from the most simple to the most complex.

  • Custom pick, check, pack and ship
  • Electronic pre-clearance of international shipments
  • Literature and marketing materials fulfillment
  • Mail assembly and processing
  • Order Filfillment
  • POS / Sample warehousing and distribution
  • Product, premium and collateral distribution
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Receiving and Warehousing
  • Streamlined returns management
  • Kitting, Custom Assembly and Handwork
  • Collating, Folding, Cutting, Inserting, Gluing
  • Polybagging and Polywrapping

Distribution & Freight Management

Our experienced production team will make sure that your projects are delivered on-time anywhere in the country or overseas. Locally, we provide our own deliveries and we have strategic partnerships with the most trusted trucking and air freight carrier groups in the country.

Call Center Services

Full Service Customer Care

Every program A&H executes has been tailored to meet specific needs and marketing objectives.  Our full-service call center menu is easily customized to satisfy virtually any customer service need you may have.

Target, Acquire and Develop

Customers are your most valuable asset and A&H not only helps you keep them, but also helps grow your relationship with them.  Our customer development and retention services include customer care, loyalty and retention program management, support to up-sell/cross-sell services and products for both B2B and B2C programs.

Inbound Services

  • Customer Service
  • Sales Support
  • Third-Party Verification
  • Wireless Capabilities
  • Seminar Registration/Event Management
  • Product Inquiries
  • Dealer Locator
  • Service/Dispatch
  • Technical Support
  • Order Processing/Fulfillment

Outbound Services

  • Sales Lead Management
  • Customer Retention
  • New Product Introductions
  • Direct Mail Follow Up
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Market Research


  • Email Management
  • Web Chat
  • Web Collaboration
  • Web Callback
  • Online Data Capture
  • Voiceover IP


People, technology, and systems - It all begins with an understanding of what is important to you… so we can deliver the precise mix of services to make it work.

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