The Blue Dot Connection

Why A&H Lithoprint?

The problems we solve are all-encompassing…

Connecting the dots and creating beautiful printed projects is easy if you have A&H Lithoprint as a print partner. Our experienced staff works diligently to solve your problems.

A&H Lithoprint works closely with clients to trim marketing and print service costs (including graphic design, mailing services, fulfillment and postage) while producing the best possible results.

The value we deliver is measurable…

Paper and production costs are constantly rising, year after year. Our management and production professionals deliver value by offering a comprehensive analysis of your graphic arts workflow from concept to completion which includes a detailed cost analysis.

A&H Lithoprint has saved clients significant dollars and staff time (which equates to more dollars) and at the same time, produced and delivered work on time and on budget.

We are different because…

Our experienced graphic consultants are committed, through close working relationships with clients, to giving professional advice in all aspects of their clients' printed workflow … whether it be strategizing about sizes, shapes, papers, inks, bindings, finishing processes, packaging or mailing.

A&H Lithoprint's professional graphic consultants are considered by their clients to be trusted advisors and they serve as an extension of their clients' staff.

A&H also offers educational programming throughout the year for anyone interested in learning more about variable data campaigns, design, papers and printing, and mailing regulations.

Connecting The Dots

Connecting the Dots through People

Communication is key in the graphic arts workplace. A&H Lithoprint's Graphic Arts Committee is composed of experienced staff members from management, prepress, marketing and graphic design, graphic consultants, press and bindery, and mailing and fulfillment. The committee is available to meet with clients on an on-going schedule to analyze, create solutions, consult, and transition into services and processes for continual improvement of people, time, and cost efficiencies.

Connecting the Dots through Processes

A&H Lithoprint, through its discovery meetings with clients, can deliver the tools, technologies, processes and services to assess, measure, and control the clients' costs, productivity, and efficiencies. We have the means to implement these efficiencies and are able to offer solutions to help clients achieve economic success by working together.

Connecting the Dots through Partnerships

Our clients are our partners. We value the relationships that have been built over time and have continued through the years. A&H Lithoprint recognizes that our clients need and deserve to have a program that will measure returns coming from their assets and effective management of those assets. Therefore, A&H Lithoprint is committed to helping clients by providing solutions resulting in financial benefits for our clients in five significant areas as listed below.

  • Rightsizing their organization's assets
  • Reducing labor costs and improving cash flow from process improvement
  • Consolidating their vendor relationships and realizing contractual savings
  • Enhancing revenue through cost management and fair pricing standards
  • And, simplifying regulatory compliance.